George Herbert Festival

Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th July 2014

Festival Logo

The George Herbert Festival was an international celebration of Herbert's life and work, organised by a committee of local enthusiasts including The George Herbert in Bemerton Group. Over four days, a full programme of events took place in Salisbury, Bemerton and Wilton. The Festival achieved over 2000 bookings, representing more than 75% of the total available. And from the Garden Party on the Thursday afternoon to the Festival Eucharist on the Sunday morning we were blessed with gloriously fine weather. The scope and scale of our programme, the venues for the events and the level of organisation all attracted favourable comment from those who attended.


Our 64-page commemorative booklet 'Gladnesse of the Best' contains contributions from some of those who spoke at the Festival, including Rowan Williams, together with comments from people who attended and lots of photographs. Here is a sample of a couple of pages from the booklet. Please see our booklet webpage for further details and how to order.


To remind those who came to the Festival of its four sunny eventful days, and to show everyone else a little of what they missed, here are 3 pages of pictures taken at the various events. Most of the photographs were taken for us by members of the Salisbury Camera Club, to whom we are most grateful.

What Next?

It was never our intention to create an annual event, and so it is most unlikely that the Festival will be repeated in the next few years. However the knowledge and experience gained in 2014 will be carefully recorded and preserved for possible use in the future.