George Herbert 1593-1633

A Resource Pack for Schools

The George Herbert in Bemerton Group has produced a resource pack of study material suitable for use by school teachers and students. The pack aims to provide those using it with a fascinating and enjoyable insight into life in the early 17th Century.

Study Material

The pack consists of 5 individually downloadable sections:

  • PDF File Teacher Notes. A background to the resources in the pack, with suggestions about how the material might be approached.
  • PDF File George Herbert - The Man. Material providing a basis for studing George Herbert's life, and the times in which he lived.
  • PDF File George Herbert - The Writer.An introduction to the works of George Herbert, and an exploration of the novel structure of some of his poems.
  • PDF File George Herbert - The Priest. Material to help understand Herbert's approach to his ministry and the religious context of the times, and putting it into a local setting in Bemerton and Salisbury.
  • PDF File George Herbert - The Musician. An exploration of the importance of music to George Herbert throughout his life, the hymns based on his words, and modern musical settings of his poetry.

The material is also downloadable as a PDF File complete pack (total 2.3 Mb).

All the material in this pack is free of copyright and may be reproduced as required by teachers and students.


1633 Edition of'The Temple'

A page from the pack

Links and References

This website has a page of useful links and references providing a wealth of detailed information and further study material for teachers and students.

Group Visits to Bemerton

Teacher and student groups are most welcome visit Bemerton and see for themselves the locality and sights on which the study material in the resource pack is based. It may be possible for a member of our local community with some knowledge of the material to meet groups and point out places and items of relevance to their studies. Please see our guidance for visitors.

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